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Fixation Walkthrough Guide All Levels – Play fixation games is very fun but if we get some problem or cannot pass some levels it’s very bad and we are unhappy. So, i have walkthrough to pass all levels. I write it for you after play this game. This game is very good for me and i get some problem, i cannot pass some levels but i have finished this after read many walkthrough and tips from many blog so, i write all and i share for you here.

Fixation Walkthrough Guide All Levels

Well, to the point, i will start walkthrough of fixation and guide from level 1, let’s see below!

Level 1 : I think it’s very easy, When you get to the last jump, just drop off without jumping and hold left, and a double-jump should get you there. When ascending the staircase, use single jumps and you won’t hit the laser. At the last laser, blow smoke at it (hold the mouse button in the appropriate direction) to block it. When you activate the smoke switch in the little box in the lower left, it’ll only stay on for a short time. Blow smoke at it while moving and don’t wait for it to trigger before starting your run to the upper Level.

Level 2 : Hold the mouse button for about half a second before releasing to blow a ring. Use the meter on the right side of the screen to gauge your blows; try to land it in the yellow region. Smoke rings travel far and bounce off walls. For the second switch, stand on the metal thing to the left when blowing the ring, and make a run for the exit right after you do. For the switch, toss out the ring from a distance and then immediately start blowing a cloud to block the laser as you inch towards the hole. Both the switches in this area work both ways, and you’ll need to use each one more than once. Remember that Jack can’t double-jump, so lead him to the gate right before the exit while it’s closed, then go back to toggle the upper switch again. Keep a constant stream on the smoke switch until Thomas can trip the button. In the first area with the vertical wall, trip the left switch, then be in the air in the middle of the wall when it turns back on. Then jump to the ledge below the horizontal gate, then trip the left switch followed by the right. Up above, trip the switch closest to where you came in, then quickly stand in the blocks it opens. Then quickly toss rings at the other two switches on the right and slip through.

Level 3 : To solve the EHUP, blow a ring directly at the switch and then run after it; you’ll bump it and give it the extra speed necessary to reach the switch. Hit the ring switch, then cover the laser with smoke until Henry can press the button. Just hit the ring switches and quickly jump to the platforms they unlock. The second one’s easier than it looks; the ring’s trajectory will straighten as it passes through the narrow area. Hit the ring switch in the upper right. Hit the lower smoke switch, then quickly run to the ring switch it unlocks and trip it. You should have just enough time. Once you’ve done it, trip the upper-right ring switch again, then the smoke switch in the upper left. For best results, don’t activate the latter while standing below it; stand on the metal blocks to the right. This is your first exercise with turning laser turrets. Remember that the laser will turn to face wherever you were when you blew the ring that hit it, but will stop if it hits a smoke switch on the way. First, spit a ring down the passage below you, then move down and send another ring from below. The last part is tricky. Stand on the table on the far right and blow a ring, then blow another ring from the left. Because it’s aiming up slightly when you blow the second ring, its shortest path to you will be upwards, and it’ll hit the switch.

Level 4 : Rain can toggle smoke switches, too. Hit the three ring switches in quick succession from top to bottom, then focus on the smoke switch below you until the exit is clear, then run. Hit both switches on the top level in quick succession and they should stay open. Ditto the middle, ditto the bottom. On the left, don’t worry about any of the switches on your way up; you’ll need to hit them in quick succession on the way down the shaft on the right. On the right, hit all three switches at roughly the same time; aim for the far ones first. Trick the two highest turrets into aiming at the smoke switch. That should give you enough clearance to make it across the bridge.

Level 5 : Keep both the laser blocked and the smoke switch on until Jack hits the switch. Hint: focus a bit more smoke on the switch. Work your way through the top while Jack takes the bottom. You can jump into the alcove where the upper-left-most switch is, and be prepared for a tricky double-jump to reach the last one. Trip the ring switch in the middle left, then trip it again while standing in the way of the appearing blocks; they’ll stay gone. Use a similar trick up top, but make sure to block the blocks up high so the laser can reach the switch. Practice your smoke-ring billiards; some fancy deflections are your ticket through the first two barriers. Then get the turret aimed at the smoke-switch ON THE RIGHT (deflecting off the blocks) while you blow on the other one. Keep it up until you’re both in the upper right corner.

Happy playing fixation games bro, i will update walkthrough of fixation and secret code to play easily next time.