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Logos Quiz Answers For All Levels – Logos quiz app is one of top iPhone games this week. It’s very fun if we can play it and win this game, but if you get problem and cannot pass one of all level i think you will sad, angry and more. Hey, i have played it and finished it today and now i will share for you logo quiz answers so you can play it easily. Talk less, let’s play it bro.

Logos Quiz Answers For All Levels

Logo quiz answer level 2 : Gold/ brown shield = ups | Gold rectangle = imdb | Gold cross = chevrolet | Blue rectangle, white N = nivea | Red star with black rectangle underneath and plants underneath rectangle = heineken | Red oval with other ovals inside = toyota | Black circle with face in it = olay | Silver H in rectangle = honda | Blue square with white in inside = linkedin | Red animal with horns inside shield = dodge |Red C that trails off = coca cola | White y inside a purple circle = yahoo | Blue circle outline in gold with english flag and snake = alfa romeo | Wings with green rectangle inside = aston martin | circle blue with red lines and white dots = nasa | Blue oval with silver outline = ford | Black circle with white circle inside and green arrow shape with wing = skoda | Black D with red arrow = dunlop | Blue kl = kleenex | Three black lines, one straight, two curved at the end = atari | Yellow arrow with red “BURGER” = in n out.

Blue rectangle with yellow oval inside = ikea | Blue half rectangle cut diagonal with white P = sap | Red shapes outlining a blank A = adobe | Red rectangle with white ‘s = campbells | Colourful fan shape, sort of like a peacock shape = nbc | Circle with red white and blue = pepsi | Red modified ‘S’ = suzuki | White N inside blue/black circle = netscape | Black and orange shield and rectangle with “motor company” = harley davidson | Yellow rectangle with black horse = ferrari |Blue square with X and red line = axa | Blue P and c that says “ideas for life” = panasonic | Black rectangle with white square on left, red square on right = tommy hilfiger | Red P standing up on colourful S = playstation | Black Y = sony | Black vertical lines that vary in size = cisco | Red rounded rectangle with N inside = nintendo | Black shape with gold and red ship inside = rover.

Logo quiz answer level 3 : Green background with wavy frame with yellow and green color and wide white in the center (KNORR) | Circle symbol of tree with brown color without leaves (TIMBERLAND) | Silver circle frame and letter ‘sport’ in the center of it (EA) | Letter ‘V’ with yellow and blue color (VISA) | Silver half mask (DAEWOO) | Letter ‘T’ with long underline (TELEFONICA) | Square rectangle red background with letter ‘N’ and ‘X’ (NETFLIX) | Blue circle symbol with star in the center and yellow ornament on the outer part (FBI) | Cat-like symbol with green eye and headphone on it (NAPSTER) | Letter ‘M’ with blue color and ‘W’ with red color (MOUNTAIN DEW) | Silhouette of puma (PUMA) | Orange circle wrapped with red (LAYS) | Blue circle with three arranged arrows (YAMAHA) | Red circle with ‘R’ in the center (ROSSIGNOL) | Panda with black and white color only (WWF) | Black circle with wings on both side right and left (MINI)

Green rectangle with yellow border, number 123 above it (SESAME STREET) | Letter ‘S’ with blue underline. (TESCO) | Two arrows with blue and red (CHEVRON) | Silver circle with arrow and blue rectangle in the middle (VOLVO) | Letter ‘V’ with underline and colored red (VIRGIN) | Purple bell (TACO BELL) | Eagle’s silhouette (AMERICAN EAGLE) | Symbol of omega (OMEGA) | Label with ‘Tennessee sour mash Whiskey’ word on it (JACK DANIELS) | A glass of coffee with orange and pink background (DUNKIN DONUTS) | Blue emblem with blue circle and wavy line and sparkling symbol (PHILIPS) | Red ‘P’ letter (PIRELLI) | Gold circle with silver wings on both sides (CHRYSLER) | Green ‘G’ letter (GREENPEACE) | Green oval (LAND ROVER) | World map in a blue spider web-like with wheat on both sides (UNITED NATIONS) | Blue oval background with ‘fi’ letter in white (PFIZER) | Green rectangle with ‘U’,’O’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ letter in white (UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON) | ‘IN’ letter with blue triangle above it (GARMIN).

Logo quiz answers level 4 : Orange emblem with white logo in the middle (GALP) | circle blue with hands form love (ROXY) |Old man smiling dominated with red background (KFC) | A mountain with stars surround it (PARAMOUNT) | Flying bird in the middle of orange circle (LUFTHANSA) | Two black circle that formed ‘b’ letter (BREIL) | ‘B’ letter with red triangle in it (BRIDGESTONE) | A logo arranged by nine blue triangle and seven white triangle (TDK) | ‘B’, ‘Y’ and ‘R’ letters in a circle (BAYER) | Two globe with line that look like a soccer ball (FIFA) | Oval frame orange colored (HAAGEN DAZS) | Two flags, one with black-white color dominated and other with red and cross symbol inside (CORVETTE) | Red background with a quarter of circle in it (NORTH FACE) | Silver circle border with maroon fill (FIAT) | Red circle with black and grey border line (LUCKY STRIKE) | Two bold ‘M’ in black (HUMMER).

‘E’ letter at the end and red triangle beside it (AIR FRANCE) | Blue double ‘R’ (RYANAIR) | Red square with white ‘L’ letter in (LEGO) |Red sphere with grey line crossing on it (XEROX) | Flower with yellow and green color dominated (BP) | circle blue with ‘Z’ letter’ (ZURICH) | Black cube (ANIC) | Brown octagon (MG) | Double face to face half circle with black background (DOLBY) | Red oval with ‘Dr’ letter in (DR PEPPER) | Yellow rectangle with ‘L’ letter in it (DHL) | Blue Square with ‘O’ letter in and ‘F’ in the middle (FOSTERS) | Yellow rectangle with white strips inside and ‘N’ letter (NIKON) | Blue rectangle with ‘G’ letter in (GAP) | Silhouette of a name with ‘H’ letter at the beginning (HERTZ) | ‘S’ letter (SEGA) | Double ‘L’ and ‘T’ letter (GILLETTE) | Curve arrow (BURTON) | Orange emblem with ‘gsk’ letter in (GLAXO SMITH KLINE).

Logo quiz cheats level 5 : Blue square with ‘G’ and ‘S’ letters in it (GOLDMAN SACHS) | Sideways square border with ‘f’ in it (FORUM) | Six grey old moon (SAMSONITE) | ‘L’, ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘E’ letter (LANCOME) | Red ‘S’ and ‘P’ letter (ESPN) | Three black square (BBC) | ‘H’ letter in a red square background with golden border line (HISTORY CHANNEL) | Blue bird symbol (BARCLAY) | Grey round with green slice crossing in the center (XBOX) | ‘W’ letter with triangle on it (KENWOOD) | Table lamp and ‘R’ letter (PIXAR) | Blue ‘O’, ‘M’ and ‘S’ letter (OLYMPUS) | ‘Y’, ‘S’ and ‘L’ letter (YVES SAINT LAURENT) | Silhouette of man’s head (SCHWARKOPF) Standing character with a black round head and pen behind it (BIC)| Brown square with modified ‘N’ letter (NESPRESSO) | Glass round with couple of handprint on it (TOMTOM).

Eight shape rectangles-like that arrange a square (COLUMBIA) | Blue badge with silver border line and a silver circle in it (LANCIA) | Blue circle with a bird head with a crown on it in the circle (SAAB) | Three red diamond. (MITSUBISHI) | Rabbit head with bowtie (PLAYBOY) | Seven curvy shapes (BLACKBERRY) | A pentagon with a diamond in it and two triangle that face each other (VOLCOM) | ‘i’ letter (SPRITE) | Red rectangle with ‘L’ letter (STAPLES) | A label with brown and green line in it and number of 1869 in it (HEINZ) | A blue oval border line and a red circle in it (ESSO) | Black oval with big ‘L’ letter in it (LEXUS) | Four blue rectangles and two red rectangles formed a big square (BANK OF AMERICA) | Folded shape formed an octagon (CHASE) | Black square with white wavy shape like ‘S’ letter in (SEPHORA) .

Logo quiz answers Level 6 : Purple rectangle with ‘m’ letter in it (MILKA) | Red circle with white stars in it and a ‘T’ letter (TEXACO) | ‘b’ letter (BIRDHOUSE) | Black rectangle with ‘A’ letter and dots on both sides (MAC) | Blue oval with silver border line with ‘D’ and ‘S’ letters (LADA) | A red border forms an hexagon with ‘T’ letter in it (KRAFT) | A triangle with green border line and red triangle in it (ALITALIA) | ‘c’ and ‘h’ letter (CACHAREL) | ‘W’ letter and six orange rectangles form a flower (WALMART) | ‘S’ letter with leaves surround it (SHERATON)|Six circle with six different colors. (BT) | Circle with green and blue filling and ‘s’ and ‘u’ letters in it (STUMBLEUPON) | Red circle with red swan silhouette in it (STABILO) | Circle black with a white star in it (MONT BLANC) | A curvy red shape and two grey rectangles (CITI) | Two blue diamond (UMBRO) | ‘E’ letter with mandarin characters (ZTE).

Three leaves with three different colors: green, blue and orange (IBERDROLA) | Orange square with ‘H’, ‘E’ and ‘T’ letters in it (HOME DEPOT) | Green rectangle with four stars in it (BNP PARIBAS) | Red circle with ‘c’ letter (CNET) | A brown crown (ROLEX) | Blue rectangle with a man holds a racket silhouette in it (ATP) | Three keys (UBS) | An orange thunderbolt (GATORADE)| A black rectangle with an orange shape that left three curvy lines (HANKOOK) | A circle with three colors filling: orange, dark blue and red (REPSOL) | Upside orange drop (MAGGI) | A red oval with ‘b’ letter in (BUGATTI) | A blue shape looks like covering something (SSANGYONG) | A soft blue circle with ‘g’ and ‘e’ letter (GENERAL ELECTRICS) | Blue circle with cube-like shape in it (CHINA MOBILE).

Logo quiz answer Level 7 : Orange circle with ‘M’ and ‘L’ letter in it (MATTEL) | Black square with two curvy shapes and a half circle in white (ELECTROLUX) | Yin yang-like circle with orange and black color in it (SYMANTEC) |Red braid that mostly curve (CHINA UNICOM) | A red circle with another circle in it (TARGET) | A black circle border line with three shield in it (BUICK) | A black square with a skull in it (SKULL CANDY) | A blue square border line with a sideways blue rectangle in it (DEUTSCHE BANK) | Square orange with ‘e’ letter in (ORANGE) | ‘b’, ‘m’ and ‘i’ letter (BRITISH MIDLAND INTERNATIONAL) | A silhouette of man and woman lean each other (KAPPA) | A pink ‘T’ letter and four grey squares (T MOBILE) | A jumping panther silhouette (SLAZENGER).

A blue rectangle with a square formed by twenty five circles (BRITA) | Black rectangle with pink border line and ‘D’,’K’ letter (DKNY) | A black square border line with red ‘M’ letter and blue ‘B’ letter in it (MILTON BRADLEY) | Double ‘R’ letters in rectangle (ROLLS ROYCE) | A woman raises her hand with holding something in her hand in front of cloud (COLUMBIA) | A brown circle with mirroring curvy line in it (ICBC) | Black circle with two white faces and a black face in it (PBS) | Silver circle border line with a silver head arrow in it (ACURA) | Two palm trees and a sunset behind (MALIBU) | An orange shape that tied each other on the tip and a golden ring on it. (AUNTIE ANNES).

Logo Quiz Answers Level 8 : A blue rectangle with ‘N’ letter in (NOVOTEL) | A black circle with a person wearing red hat in it (REDHAT) | A square with a black dotted filling and another orange brownish filling with a white rectangle in it (COHIBA) | A blue circle with a white circle connected to a white line in it (STATE BANK OF INDIA) | A silhouette like a human face with black glasses, a smile and a small black circle on the forehead (HUMMEL) | A diamond with eight ‘U’ shapes that composed it (SUN MICROSYSTEMS) | ‘A’ letter, a half yellow circle with green and red splash behind it (PORTUGALIA AIRLINES) | A black rectangle with ‘M’ letter in (GMC) | A shape similar to ‘a’ letter in blue (ABBOTT)

‘K’ and ‘Z’ letters (KENZO) | ‘j’, ‘t’ and ‘B’ letter in blue (JET BLUE) | A picture of plane in blue and red color (SOUTHWEST AIRLINES) | A black curvy shape with white as the border line (ADIO) | An silver oval border line with a red diamond in it and white curvy shape in the diamond (LANDWIND) | A triangle with double ‘M’ letters in it (MAYBACH) | A modified ‘C’ letter in black and white border line surrounds it (COORS) | ‘T’ and ‘a’ letter with a small red circle on it (TEKA) | ‘d’ and ‘o’ letter and ‘NTT’ on it (NTT DOCOMO) | ‘w’, ‘a’, ‘g’ and ‘r’ letter (WRANGLER) | ‘p’ and ‘r’ letter with a flag in a half orange and a half blue (SPANAIR) | A silver circle with wings and a cross sign in front of it (MORGAN).

Happy playing with this logos quiz answers, see you next post.

Logos Quiz Answers For All Levels, 4.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings