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Pottermore Walkthrough All Chapter – Playing Pottermore is very fun, but if we cannot pass some chapters this will be very bad. This is just game so we must win it. Easy way is using pottermore walkthrough to pass all levels. So, here i will share you pottermore how to for all chapter and i hope it useful for you. Well to the point let’s check below.

Pottermore Walkthrough All Chapter - How To

Chapter 1 : Begin this chapter standing in front of a sign for Privet Drive, Click on the sign and collect the item, Number 4, Privet Drive. In Moment Two, click the street light to unlock the book, Measurements. This book discusses some of the differences between weights and measures in the Muggle and Wizard worlds. Click Put-Outer to turn the street lights on and off.

Pottermore Walkthrough Chapter 2 : Cupboard Under the Stairs, Zoom in once, Click alarm clock that you can see near the door to collect it, Click small picture on the table to pick up the family portrait. You can then read more about the Dursleys in a short write-up from the author, In the next Moment, you’ll go to the zoo. There are no items to collect here, but you can click sign about boa constrictors in you zoom in, Move your cursor over the snake and the glass will shimmer and then shortly vanish.

Pottermore Walkthroughs Chapter 3 : Click on the salt and pepper shakers on the table to collect them, Zoom in one level. Click post card on the refrigerator to collect it, Zoom in one more time. Collect the hammer and nails, which are over by the back door, Proceed to Moment Two. Click seashell in the front to collect it, Zoom in and collect the seaweed.

Pottermore Walkthrough Chapter 4 : Click on the candle on the fireplace mantle to collect it, Zoom in once and click piece of parchment lying by Hagrid’s foot to unlock Ghost Plots, Proceed to Moment Two. Click letter to read it, Zoom in once and click chipped cup that is next to the tea kettle to collect it.

Pottermore Walkthrough Chapter 5 : Zoom in one level. Pick up the piece of parchment that is on the ground. This is your shopping list, Zoom in and place your cursor over the Gringotts door to open it and proceed to Moment Two, Drag and drop the key onto the lock and you’ll get 500 Galleons, Now the shopping begins! You must purchase everything on your list, Go to Flourish and Blotts to buy your books. Buy all eight of the books here, Next, go to Potage’s Cauldron Shop to purchase your pewter cauldron, Go to Wiseacre’s Wizard Equipment to get the brass scales, telescope and glass phial, Next go inside Eeylops Owl Emporium & Magical Menagerie to pick your pet, You can select an owl, a cat, or a toad. Whichever animal you select will become your pet and your avatar in the game, Now proceed to Ollivanders in the South Side of Diagon Alley, Once inside Ollivanders, complete the quiz, which contains seven questions. You will then be able to purchase your wand for seven galleons.

Pottermore Walkthrough Chapter 6 : There is a small badge on top of the bags here. Click on it to collect it. It’s a prefect’s badge!, Zoom in and then click Toad. You’ll get a short essay from J.K. Rowling about toads and why they’re pretty unpopular as pets., There are two signs up above. Click Hogwarts Express sign to learn a little more about this special train., Zoom in and then click sign for Platform Nine and Three-Quarters to learn some more about this strange platform at Kings Cross Station., There is a trunk in the foreground. Move your mouse over it and it will open., Click card inside to collect the Albus Dumbledore Chocolate Frog Card., Next, click card that’s on the seat to collect the Morgana Chocolate Frog Card., Zoom in and click on the beans on the table to collect the sprout-flavored bean.

Pottermore Walkthrough Chapter 7 : Click galleon that’s on the staircase. Someone must have dropped it there. Finders, keepers. Losers, weepers. Zoom in once and then click on Professor McGonagall, who is standing in the shadow of the doorway that leads into the Great Hall. You will unlock Professor McGonagall’s background story and can read all about her. These two moments are blended together. First, watch the video to learn more about the ceremony. The Sorting Hat will ask you a series of questions. Answer them truthfully. You will be placed into a house. Sometimes you get to choose between two, but sometimes you’re just assigned to one. Congratulations, you’re in a House at Hogwarts!

Well Happy playing with this Pottermore Walkthrough. Win it easy Bro.