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Walking Dead Walkthrough All Episodes – The walking dead game is very popular and best new game this week. We can play this game on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPad, and PC. Well, talks about features and pros of this app I think you will love this. First episode has been released in April. Sure, today we can play episode 1. How about episode 2? Episode 2 will release on may 30th. Walking dead is an adventure game with subjects including Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. Telltale Games (developer) will release 5 episode and it will release one episode per month.Walking Dead Walkthrough All Episodes

To the point, i has finished this game and today i will share for you to win the game easily. I will share all episode walkthrough of the walking dead here. So, read more below.

Chapter 1: I think it’s easy to pass this chapter. I show you important points : Approach the officer and take the keys on his waist. The officer will drop once, you can pick them up and point at your cuffs to unlock them.

Chapter 2: Open back door. Pass the kitchen and activate the answering machine. Enter the kitchen and open the middle drawer to find the walkie talkie. Aim at the babysitter’s head to kick her. Repeatedly pass the cursor over her and kick her when you find a target. When you get to the door, look behind you and pass the cursor over Clementine. Use the hammer to finish off the babysitter by targeting her head. Choose whether you want to leave during the day or night.

Chapter 3: Converse with Hershel Grene and Clementine. Meet Kenny and Duck in the morning. Talk to Kenny, Clementine, Katjaa, Shawn. Go to the barn and talk to Hershel. It’s difficult not to lie to Hershel, but your honesty is noted by the game. Talk to Hershel and Kenny. Kenny will still offer a ride to Macon no matter what you say.

Chapter 4: Meet Glenn, Larry, Carley, Doug and Lilly. When you gain control, grab the Energy Bar behind Carley. There’s another Energy Bar past Kenny’s family, and another in the Shaving Needs section past Lilly and Larry as you walk around the room counter-clockwise. You can give one to Duck if you wish to build trust with Kenny.

Chapter 5: When you get near the zombie, pass the cursor over its head QUICKLY until it turns orange. Stab it. From the RV, you can peek around the side and activate the icepick on another zombie. As it comes at you, you will need to stab it TWICE by carefully passing the cursor over its face. Now you can use the icepick one final time on the trapped zombie by the fire axe. After its dead, take the fire axe.’

Chapter 6: Try to use the remote on the televisions to the far left. After this, hand it to Doug and he will use the remote to turn on the TVs. Run to Lee’s brother. You’ll have to hit him with the axe a few times to retrieve the keys.

Chapter 7: After Clementine helps block the door, you’ll have to choose between Doug and Carley. Choose the person you want to save. Hit the zombie attacking Clementine a few times. Run towards the door. Grab Kenny’s hand.

Well, happy playing the walking dead games with this walkthrough. See you on next episode, i will update it.